One Woman's Path to Financial Freedom

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Having good credit is a vital part of financial health. If your score is not where it needs to be, it can impact your ability to take out a loan, to buy a house, or even your ability to get your dream job. Vicky's personal struggles were getting in the way of her ability to adequately care for her sick husband. She was constantly struggling to stay above water and not lose her house.

"Tom and I have a wonderful love story. He was the first boy that ever kissed me, and we ended up falling so madly in love! And then Tom got sick and it was just pitiful. He had a stroke. So I finally went to work and it didn't pay the bills at all. All his medication had to come out of our pocket. He started having seizures and I'd have to come home, and so in 2008 I applied for disability, and it took me five years to get it."

With nowhere else to turn, a friend told Vicky about CreditRepair.com. It's a service that evaluates your credit history and your report in order to get your credit score back to where it needs to be. The experts at CreditRepair work on a case-by-case basis to cater to individual needs. Not only do they work directly with the creditors to challenge the negative and unfair items in your report, but they also help train you to think about financial health by offering 24/7 credit updates and alerts. Many people, like Vicky, find the emotional and tactical support invaluable.

"It's unbelievable to have somebody reach out to you after everything that's happened. Because of CreditRepair, I feel more energetic and better about myself and Tom. I feel like we can hold our heads up again."

CreditRepair is more than just a service. Having the opportunity to have her credit evaluated so she could afford to care for her husband and stay afloat made Vicky renew her hope. The company is ran by caring individuals that are out to change lives and get you what you deserve. Bad credit can be a burden and prevent you from achieving your goals, financial or personal. With advocates that are passionate about making you succeed, you'll be well-equipped to get back on track.

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