J.A. Hagl

J.A. Hagl

You’ve filed an extension, now what?

April 18 came and your taxes were not ready. So you filed a tax extension. Well, you should file an extension, if you haven’t already. Form 4868 is one of easier tax forms to fill out and it will give you an extra six months to get your taxes together. Everyone is eligible for a

Trim the Fat: Try a Spending Diet

You spend $30 on Chinese takeout for just yourself on Monday. On Tuesday you bought a $5 latte. You finally purchased all the items in your shopping cart and spent $102 on Wednesday. Silver lining, you got free shipping. Thursday you went to the new craft cocktail bar. You bought yourself a drink and then

Should you get life insurance?

Insurance is based on planning for the unexpected. Planning for death could seem a bit morbid, however life insurance can take care of medical costs to funeral costs. Lisa Ryerson, Regional Vice President of Appreciation Financial, shares why life insurance is beneficial in the long run. 1. When should you start having life insurance? As

Wall Street Explained: Buy-Side VS. Sell-Side

Once you get past the myriad of suits that would make Barney Stinson’s little heart pitter-patter, the good ‘ole boys club and the frantic glamour of Wall Street, it boils down to buying and selling. Essentially, there are two paths a career can take on Wall Street. Where will Wall Street take you?thenypost.files.wordpress.com (adsbygoogle =

4 essential business books for a novice

“You wasted $150,000 on an education you coulda got for a buck fifty in late charges at the public library.” Will Hunting knew what he was talking about. Not everyone has the time, desire or a small fortune to to get an MBA. But for a fraction of the price, you can get a business

8 money habits to break in your 20s

When most of our parents were in their 20s, they were having us, buying houses, and working on their 401ks. Flash-forward a generation and now the 20s are considered a development phase. Even if you are figuring out what you’re doing with your life, avoiding financial pitfalls can get you where you want to be

What is a CD?

Invest, invest, and invest. If you’re not saving you should be investing. Or people say. If you’re new to investing and are concerned with risk, a certificate of deposit may be the easiest option for you. A certificate of deposit, a CD, is a savings certificate with a fixed interest rate and affixed maturity date.

7 tips to save money at the bar

Bar tab shock is a precursor to other drinking regrets. It’s easy to spend more money when the drinks are flowing and everyone loves the person who buys a round. The average person spends $50 or more on night of drinking. If you’re going out at least once a week for a month, you’ve dropped

5 ways to shrink a budget

Are you always wondering where the money went? Money can seem to disappear with thoughtless spending. An honest spending evaluation can help you determine where you can cut spending. Here are five areas where you can trim your budget without too much effort. Memberships & subscriptions When’s the last time you went to the gym

8 ways to utilize Instagram for your business

Instagram is one of the most popular and important social media sites to the 34 and under. That’s why it should be important to you too or risk losing out on a sizable part of the population with money to spend. Raising brand awareness, increasing sales and website traffic can be achieved with the use