The Artists Vs. The Machine: The Dark Side Of AI In The Music Industry

Taylor Swift, The Tortured Poets Department

Republic Records

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become overwhelmingly popular in the past few years. The world has leaned full-force into technology and entrusted AI with, well, everything. You can see AI commercials, AI-powered statistics during sports games, and there was even a whole writer’s strike over the AI Invasion of storytelling and Hollywood. As I’ve watched tens

AI Is Hiring? NYC Employers Must Disclose Their Usage Of AI In Hiring

Artificial Intelligence

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Looking for a job? In addition to encountering those annoying never-ending job interviews you may find yourself face-to-face with an artificial intelligence bot. Companies worldwide increasingly use artificial intelligence tools and analytics in employment decision-making – from parsing through resumes and screening candidates to automated assessments and digital interviews. But recent studies claim that AI

How AI Is Influencing Home Life

Bedtime stories just got easier

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Ever since I started working 40 hours a week, I’ve realized that my mother is a superhero. Because, as a single 25-year-old, I don’t want to do…One. Single. Thing after work. Like everyone I know, I resent the monotony of my life from Monday to Friday. There is barely any time after 5 PM to

Tipflation Takes Over

Digitized payment methods have led to more aggressive tipping's how.

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A few years ago I was at Coachella, buying overpriced, under-seasoned food from a vendor who was particularly kind. Par for the course, all of these events are dominated by Square payments that provide the oh-so-convenient option to tip your gracious server. Oftentimes, the transaction is so quick, you’re wondering if you should even tip

New Year, New Budget

Saving money starts with a budget.

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I’ve been thinking a lot about goal setting in the New Year…and not in the cliche resolution way. Not in the way that I get overzealous and aim to save $10,000 in one year, change my entire life around, and find the apartment of my dreams. Not in the way that sets me up for

11 Steve Jobs Quotes To Blow Your Mind

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Entrepreneur, businessman, inventor, and industrial designer – CEO of both Apple Inc. and Pixar – Steve Jobs was both inspiring and controversial. Polarizing and mesmerizing his impact is undeniable – Buddhist, tyrant. Genius, jerk. Always against the grain, yet always a step ahead. So what went on inside that mind of his, and what can

How Can I Create My Own Smart Home?

CAV Smart Home

The 1999 Disney Channel Original film, Smart House, was way ahead of its time. A widowed father and his two children winning a computerized home with a robotic 1950s-esque housewife? It’s something Elon Musk dreams about — except for the part when the robot turns evil. And while 1999 was the peak fear-mongering era against

Google Meet Introduces New Beauty Filters For Users

Google Meet unveils new filters to smooth complexion and more.

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When I was younger…This is back before my beloved iPhone or FaceTime, I had to use my parents’ desktop — because it had a mini camera attached to the top — to call family or friends via Oovoo or Skype. The camera quality was less than ideal — mostly pixelated images and the connection sucked.

Best Personal Finance Apps for 2023

Best Personal Finance Apps for 2023

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It’s almost 2024, but if there’s one thing you don’t want to save until the new year it’s putting your finances in order. When it comes to tackling money goals, the best time to start is always yesterday. But these days — given our digital-first landscape and online bank accounts — financial success takes more