This Credit Card Myth Simply Will Not Die

I can’t remember who gave me this personal finance hack, or, rather, advice: but one juicy tidbit was that I should keep a balance on my credit cards and that it would up my credit score. I’ve even wiped out the balance on a credit card debt and then purchased something that I slowly pay

Creating A Distraction-Free Zone At Work

Photo by Arlington Research (Unsplash)

You’re powering through your morning. You’re in the zone. Getting so much done. But then you get Slacked with an innocent question: “Gotta moment to discuss the Jefferson thing?” “💯!” you answer instantly and get pulled off-task for 15- 20 minutes. And just before you’ve solved the Jefferson issue, your manager’s supervisor’s EA emails you

The Artists Vs. The Machine: The Dark Side Of AI In The Music Industry

Taylor Swift, The Tortured Poets Department

Republic Records

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become overwhelmingly popular in the past few years. The world has leaned full-force into technology and entrusted AI with, well, everything. You can see AI commercials, AI-powered statistics during sports games, and there was even a whole writer’s strike over the AI Invasion of storytelling and Hollywood. As I’ve watched tens

So…The Hybrid Work Model Is Weighing On Your Mental Health

A majority of the population works from home...but are you happy about it?

Resume Genius via Unsplash

Ever since the pandemic popularized (or forced) virtual meetings and, countless companies adopted the hybrid work model or went completely virtual. And once the public health crisis was declared over, we remained confined to our desks in our kitchens and attics working from home. And it’s not just work. Doctor’s TeleHealth appointments, therapy visits on

The Worst Ways To Use Your Company Credit Card

If your business offers corporate credit cards or expense accounts to employees, there’s a good chance there is unethical spending going on. 33% of corporate credit card holders admit to blatantly defrauding the companies they work for, and twice that amount confess to making “risky purchases.” But a thread on AskReddit reveals some of the

The TRUTH About The Trad Wife Trend

Nara Smith, Lucky Blue Smith, and daughter Rumble Honey

Matthew Brookes / Oliver Peoples

Imagine this: you marry the man of your dreams. You have two beautiful children with another on the way. You spend your days cooking gorgeous, nutritious meals for your family…. from scratch. You get paid to share your daily life and meals with people around the world. But here’s the catch: half of those people

You’ve filed an extension, now what?

April 18 came and your taxes were not ready. So you filed a tax extension. Well, you should file an extension, if you haven’t already. Form 4868 is one of easier tax forms to fill out and it will give you an extra six months to get your taxes together. Everyone is eligible for a

The Unexpected Emergence of Personal Finance TikTok

When you think of personal finance, what springs to mind? Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank fame? Dave Ramsay yelling into a podcast mic? Finance bros tracking their Bitcoin? Unfortunately, these are the images we’re constantly bombarded by. So they’re the archetypes overwhelmingly represented in personal finance. But it’s not all Chads in down vests and