The TRUTH About The Trad Wife Trend

Nara Smith, Lucky Blue Smith, and daughter Rumble Honey

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Imagine this: you marry the man of your dreams. You have two beautiful children with another on the way. You spend your days cooking gorgeous, nutritious meals for your family…. from scratch. You get paid to share your daily life and meals with people around the world. But here’s the catch: half of those people

The Unexpected Emergence of Personal Finance TikTok

When you think of personal finance, what springs to mind? Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank fame? Dave Ramsay yelling into a podcast mic? Finance bros tracking their Bitcoin? Unfortunately, these are the images we’re constantly bombarded by. So they’re the archetypes overwhelmingly represented in personal finance. But it’s not all Chads in down vests and

6 Things People Spend Too Much Money On

Grocery shopping eating at your budget?

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Everyone knows they should probably be saving more money. And while it might seem savvy to skip the occasional impulse buy, don’t be too quick to pat yourself on the back when you refrain from buying yet another pair of ripped blue jeans. In times like these — when the recession is here and a

What Are The New Financial Rules for Dating?

Triangle of Sadness Dating Scene

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People are simple. We all want the same things: a comfortable life, a little treat every once in a while, and someone to clutch when the apocalypse comes. The last one, most of all. But I’m praying for anyone dipping their toes in the dating pool right now. We’re over inundated with choice and everyone

Inside the 15 Percent Pledge Pop-Up Shop in Los Angeles

15 Percent Pledge Pop-Up Shop

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When someone describes an experience as “a movie,” they mean it was euphoric and cinematic…the stuff of dreams. We all want summer to be a movie, our nights out with friends, our weekends in the city. And thanks to the 15 Percent Pledge Pop-Up in LA, I can safely say that mine was. During the

How to Do a 2024 Financial Reset

TikTok 2024 Financial Reset

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I hate to admit it, but it’s getting embarrassing. It = my financial state. I’m still young, even according to Leonardo DiCaprio standards, and I’ve been using that as an excuse to prioritize fun and keep putting off saving. However, with the cost of living crisis, rising inflation rates, and my minor shopping addiction, I’m

The Future of Coffee is Melted

Why You Need Cometeer Coffee: Coffee You Can Take on the Go

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There’s an internet trend that says that everyone has three drinks: one for energy, one for hydration, and one for fun. Hydration drinks are usually seltzer, a sports drink, or good old-fashioned water. Fun drinks can be anything from boba to kombucha to a refreshing fountain sprite. But the drink you choose for energy says

Holiday Credit Card Debt is Out of Control. Can You Enter The New Year In the Black?

holiday spending

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You’ve heard it a thousand times before. The holidays are about two things: giving and family…more specifically, giving to your family. And no one wants to be the Grinch. So we lavish gifts and good tidings on our families and friends. And it feels incredible when it comes to gift-giving — I’m insatiable. Spending on

Best Personal Finance Apps for 2023

Best Personal Finance Apps for 2023

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It’s almost 2024, but if there’s one thing you don’t want to save until the new year it’s putting your finances in order. When it comes to tackling money goals, the best time to start is always yesterday. But these days — given our digital-first landscape and online bank accounts — financial success takes more