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New Year, New Budget

Saving money starts with a budget.

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I’ve been thinking a lot about goal setting in the New Year…and not in the cliche resolution way. Not in the way that I get overzealous and aim to save $10,000 in one year, change my entire life around, and find the apartment of my dreams. Not in the way that sets me up for

Holiday Credit Card Debt is Out of Control. Can You Enter The New Year In the Black?

holiday spending

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You’ve heard it a thousand times before. The holidays are about two things: giving and family…more specifically, giving to your family. And no one wants to be the Grinch. So we lavish gifts and good tidings on our families and friends. And it feels incredible when it comes to gift-giving — I’m insatiable. Spending on

You’ve Maxed Out Your Credit Card: Here’s What You Do

Congratulations! You’ve Ubered and Grubhubbed and online-shopped your way into credit card debt. Now you’re an adult who’s incurred enough debt to make a credit card company very frustrated with you. Welcome to the maxed out club! The first time you realize that you’ve maxed out a credit card, you may panic, but there are

5 Tips for Overcoming Investment Regret

Investing for the future is a daunting task that most of us are not fully prepared for. Whether you want to minimize your risk or maximize your returns, you are bound to regret some loss or a missed opportunity along the way. Regret is inherent to the process, but once you’ve accepted that it’s inevitable,

Drowning in Credit Card Debt? Start Saving Yourself Today

Consolidated Credit

Sometimes your spending spirals out of control. Once you realize that you’ve lost control of your debt, you need a plan of action to get your finances back on track. No matter what situation you’re in, the relief of a debt-free life is a feasible goal. Take these simple steps to assess and then improve

When To Ask For Financial Help

We’ve seen the statistics: 1 in 8 Americans live below the poverty line. 71 million have accrued debt in collections. 55 million of us don’t have anything saved in an emergency fund. An estimated 40 percent struggle to cover basic needs like food and housing costs. [shortcode-1-In-Article-Banner-728×60] We know money struggles are widespread, but the

5 Financial Books for Your 20s

The finance books every young adult should read: Personal Finance in Your 20s For Dummies Eric Tyson The clearest and most extensive explanation of everything you need to know about personal finance. If you need to learn what a credit score is, when you should use a checking or savings account, or any other first

5 Smart Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund

For many of us, spring flowers also bring that long-awaited tax refund shower. While taxes may seem like just another necessary (and boring) civic duty, they can really make a difference in helping you reach your financial goals. Like a generous birthday check, tax refunds are a small financial windfall. When we leverage them to