Venmo vs. Cash App Showdown – Which Payment App Reigns Supreme?

Venmo v Cash App

Simon Kuflik

When it comes to splitting a bill or paying a friend back for that bar tab, 2 names stand out. In the realm of peer-to-peer payment apps, there’s Venmo and Cash App. As someone who uses both apps, I’ll give you my honest opinion on which one takes the cake.

The Look and Feel

First things first, let’s compare the UI of each app. Venmo has a playful, social media vibe with a public feed of friends’ payments. The app features a clean interface similar to the old Twitter and includes a blue payment button centered at the bottom. Venmo automatically converts basic payment notes to emoji icons, brightening up the feed and further adding to a social media aesthetic.

Cash App, on the other hand, feels more businesslike. The main screen looks like a calculator with large numbers and a dark background. Cash App has no bells and whistles, and features simpler overall design with a focus on utility.

Personally, I prefer the appearance of Venmo as it brings some fun to the often dreaded act of making payments.

Ease of Use

Both Venmo and Cash App are pretty user-friendly. With Venmo, you choose who to pay first, while Cash App prompts you to initially set the payment amount. While using Venmo, I find that I often get distracted as I spend time checking the social feed. So, Cash App wins in this instance, as the path to making payments is more streamlined.

Transfers and Fees

Now, let's get to the nitty-gritty – sending and receiving money. Venmo and Cash App are both free to use if you're sending money from your linked bank account or debit card. But if you're going the credit card route, be ready to pay a 3% fee with both apps.

Venmo does allow for higher transfer limits, which can be important for larger payments like utilities or rent. Meanwhile, Cash App allows for international transfers (US to UK), so I’d say it’s a tie between the two when it comes to the transfer category.

CryptoCurrency, Taxes, and Investing


Andre McKenzie via Unsplash

Both apps allow users to purchase cryptocurrencies. However, Venmo provides 5 different types compared to Cash App’s singular choice of Bitcoin.

Unlike Venmo, Cash App grants users the option to file taxes and even invest in stocks. Although they only offer Bitcoin at this point, I still give Cash App the leg up in this category due to the other services they provide.

Customer Service

Let's talk about customer service – something we all love to hate. Venmo's support can be on the slow side, and good luck getting someone on the phone. Cash App's customer service isn't exactly top-notch either. But they have a dedicated Twitter account that often responds to complaints more quickly. Both could improve here, but Cash App edges it out for me.

Final Thoughts

In the grand showdown of Venmo vs. Cash App, it ultimately comes down to personal preference. If you're into social sharing and higher transfer limits, I’d go with Venmo. But if you prefer a simpler UI, and are also curious about filing taxes and investing, Cash App is the play.

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