Best Female-Founded Brands to Support

Oh, how far we’ve come! Recently, it was revealed that — finally! — women CEOs at Fortune 500 companies outnumber male CEOs named John. A dubious milestone, but it’s something to celebrate. Though women have come pretty far in society, the progress we’ve made is far from enough. From the pay gap to daily microaggressions,

How to Get a Better Job That Pays You More

Jobs don't have to be miserable!

Photo by Charles Deluvio (unsplash)

Though the wave of tech layoffs and the threat of a recession has overshadowed yesteryear’s news of the great recession, everywhere you look, employees are asking for more — and getting it. Though this time of uncertainty could have given employers back the power, it’s still in the hands of the workforce. From Gen-Z’s boundary

The Post-Pandemic Pet-Friendly Workplace

What would get you into the office? Free lunch? A gym membership? Permission to hang out with your dog? Some employers are trying just that. The rising trend of pet-friendly offices is part of the effort to incentivize employees to come back to work in person. Many companies completely embraced the remote-friendly convenience of WFH.

5 Simple and Effective Ways to Invest in Yourself

There are a lot of ways to invest your money. From the stock market to government bonds to real estate, you can get a solid return on your investment and ensure that your future is secure. But one of the best ways to invest often goes overlooked: investing in yourself. We often tend to think

The Cheapest Way To Cook Delicious Food At Home

These are uncertain times, and everyone is looking for ways they can cut down on costs and make life easier. Our editors have been searching for the best deals and ways you can save some coin, and we’ve found the best way to make dinnertime simple and more cost-efficient: HelloFresh. HelloFresh is a recipe box