Think AI is Going to Replace You? Gen Z is Using It to Get New Jobs

It’s an AI invasion, and everyone’s wondering if they’re going to lose their job to robots.

Writers are on strike as execs threaten to replace writers' rooms with ChatGPT. There’s an explosion of think pieces (written by humans, for now) about which jobs are — or should be — replaceable by AI. Plummeting budgets and massive layoffs make AI look like a gold mine to corporations.

All this is quite harrowing. Like, I get it that industries must evolve and innovation is the future. But back when sci-fi was actually fiction, we conceived a future assisted by robots. But we certainly never imagines them hijacking visual art and creative jobs and pushing workers out of the few jobs people actually like.

But amidst news of publishers — looking at you, Buzzfeed — shifting to AI-generated content that attempts to imitate BIPOC voices! How about hiring BIPOC writers!?!? … yikes. And then there are brands launching AI-generated campaigns instead of hiring creative directors and models. Is there a silver lining?

For some people, AI can still work the way we originally pictured it — helping us get through the tedious, mind-numbing work so we can focus on the real stuff.

AI can summarize documents, transcribe meetings, and even — as some Gen Z TikTokers are preaching — help you apply for jobs.

With so many layoffs behind us across all industries, and more to coming, many are polishing their resumes and writing cover letter after cover letter to secure a new position.

But some Gen Z creators on TikTok are saying — whether or not AI is taking your job — let AI take control of your job search.

Creator Gabrielle Judge — aka the Anti-work Girlboss — says: “The future of work is here, and it looks like ChatGPT is the one to beat. So, if you don't want to be replaced, it's time to start brushing up your skills. Otherwise, you're going to be a part of the past, and ChatGPT will be the future.”

She teaches employees how to leverage tools like AI to help them in their jobs and their job search rather than succumbing to the future. Some may balk at this approach. The “work for the sake of working” ethic that permeates so much of American hustle culture implies this is lazy. But I say, work smarter, not harder.


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A job search is a job in itself. By using AI to automate the process, you can increase your chances of landing a role. AI can help you to apply to a hundred jobs in a day. Why not take advantage of this?

Gen Z embraces revolutionary work trends such as quiet quitting, bare minimum Mondays — now this. With the AI invasion, the challenge is identifying what should be replaced by AI — like, the boring, inefficient stuff — and what tasks we should still do ourselves (like screenwriting and working for diversity).

Want to get better at your job or nab a new one entirely? Here are some tips to leverage AI:

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If you’re using it for work — get clear on the rules and restrictions

I like to think AI couldn’t write this article. And although writers are being jettisoned — thanks to AI — other business are blending AI optimization and human creativity. For example, when you have writer's block or want to spitball on headline ideas, AI can be your brainstorming buddy

However, before incorporating adopting AI at work, ask about your workplace policies. You probably don’t want to be copy-pasting full paragraphs from ChatGPT — but there are ways to sensibly incorporate it into your process.

Research AI-enabled tools

From transcribing meetings to calendaring and scheduling, AI-enabled tools are emerging for industry after industry. Video editors can easily and seamlessly edit clips with the help of AI plugins. Anyone who has suffered through endless meetings can use it to take notes. And there are dozens more apps for specific applications.

By mastering AI tools, you can take advantage of a quicker creative process without worrying about being replaced. It’s like the end of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, where Charlie’s father gets a job fixing the machine that supplanted him. Learn to leverage AI tools and give yourself an edge.

Remember to think outside the box

By definition, AI is the box. Despite the efforts of clueless corporations, AI doesn’t consider diverse perspectives or out-of-the-box ideas. Also, many AI-enabled search engines lack up-to-date information. If you query “quiet luxury,” would Sofia Richie or Succession pop up? Would it mention capitalism and racism? AI is great for mechanics, but not for simulating human things like empathy.

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