Creating A Distraction-Free Zone At Work

Photo by Arlington Research (Unsplash)

You’re powering through your morning. You’re in the zone. Getting so much done. But then you get Slacked with an innocent question: “Gotta moment to discuss the Jefferson thing?” “💯!” you answer instantly and get pulled off-task for 15- 20 minutes. And just before you’ve solved the Jefferson issue, your manager’s supervisor’s EA emails you

How CBD Improves Your Work Performance

You’ve likely heard about CBD. With more states moving to legalize marijuana, we’re also becoming more aware of CBD and its benefits. But what is CBD, and can it take your work performance to new heights? Oils and tinctures are often recommendedCDN As Natural Stacks explains, “CBD (cannabidiol) is a bioactive component of the Cannabis

Office Plants to Up Your Productivity This Winter


Winter is officially here, but it’s only getting started. With these short days, long nights, and frosty temperatures can come some seasonal sadness. A great way to fight that is to bring some nature indoors! Even if you have a home full of plants, spending hours in your office every day can leave you missing

10 Reasons to Wake Up Early

When that alarm sounds and you’re all cozy in bed, slapping the snooze button seems like the only reasonable thing to do. But before you doze off for the third time in a row, consider all you can do if you woke up–not only on time, but one hour before you normally do. You could

This one simple step will beat procrastination: Just start

Procrastination is the bane of almost everyone’s existence. It detracts from productivity, creates unneeded stress, and can lead to missed deadlines. It’s just bad all around. However, not many people know the cause of procrastination or how to beat it. But there is a one-step solution that will work for everyone struggling with procrastination. The