I Used AI For Four Days…Here’s What Happened


Artificial Intelligence is the way of the future, whether I want to admit it or not. Months ago, my friends raved about how ChatGPT saved their lives by writing crucial 10 page essays in 30 seconds or less. Tell Chat to do basically anything, and it will.

Which has made my job as a writer a bit more difficult — even though it shouldn’t. Thanks to AI, everyone has convinced themselves that a robot can write a better article than me, a human with real emotion and life experience.

Brands have started firing writers and foregoing crucial copywriters in lieu of the cheaper, quicker, less personal option. It’s why the Writer’s Strike took so long to absolve itself. The studio executives weren’t protecting the writers from the creeping use of AI in cinema.

But as they say, face your fears. That’s why my challenge is to use AI for a week in different aspects of my life. If the world is so obsessed with this technology, maybe I should get acquainted with it.

Day 1: Using AI During Work


While using AI for work feels like cheating on a test to me, workplaces are genuinely encouraging the use of AI as a tool. Shannon Purcell, Director of Content at GeistM, says,

"AI has transformed our workplace. It streamlines tasks, uncovers insights, and sparks innovation. Like a super-smart assistant, it helps us work smarter and break through barriers. Embracing AI has enabled our team to achieve more in less time, reshaping our workflow and fostering creativity."

I have been stubborn about writing my articles on my own. I can include personal stories to relate to my audience, use words that align with my personality, and take stronger stances than a computer can. But, I have to admit, even I get writer’s block here and there.

On those days, I may not have a witty headline that’ll catch the reader’s eye. Or I don’t like the way I’m wording my paragraphs. This is where I feel like AI can be used to my advantage (I hope).

Unsurprisingly, that dreaded writer’s block appeared after a four-day weekend spent celebrating my friend’s birthday. I felt so uninspired that I decided to open ChatGPT and give it a whirl.

The Task: Reword this headline: “Single This Valentine’s Day? Here’s Our Breakup Playlist.”

The ChatGPT Result:

Would you have taken my article seriously if it had a play on “riding solo?” I don’t think so. And any time I refreshed the options or said to try again, it somehow got even worse. I stuck with my original headline and moved on.

Day 2: AI Gave Me A Biscuit Recipe

Honestly, these biscuits were great.

Jai Phillips

Re-read it, accept it, continue. Yes, I thought it may be a fun idea to let AI dictate my recipe choices…and honestly, I wasn’t too angry at the result.

I’m an avid baker and wanted to make homemade skillet biscuits with sausage gravy for dinner. Since I’d never made a biscuit from scratch, I wanted to closely follow a recipe so I didn’t make any mistakes. Which is why it felt borderline insane to turn to AI.

I’d already done my research, so I knew what to look for in terms of a solid biscuit recipe. Here was the AI biscuit recipe provided:


  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 tablespoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 cup cold unsalted butter, cubed
  • 3/4 cup milk (whole milk or buttermilk works best)

And already we had an issue. Watch any Food Network baking show and you’ll learn that it is essential for the butter to be grated. Keeping your butter frozen and barely mixing it into the dough is what keeps your biscuits flaky and layered.

Other than that, I was genuinely impressed with the skillet recipe. A biscuit only contains a few simple ingredients, so I was more confident in AI’s ability.

Day 3: AI Helped Me Get Self Tanner Out Of My Sheets

Jacinta Christos

Most of us have been there: you wake up Friday morning, and your heavily applied self-tanner has bled onto your sheets. I am one of the clinically insane who opted for white linen bedding, so the evidence is immediate and apparent.

I’ve never been one to fully remove a stain, so I decided to ask my new bestie: ChatGPT.

The Task: How do I get self tanner stains out of white linen sheets?

The ChatGPT Result: Again, annoyingly impressed here. I learned that self tanner is a protein-based stain (who knew?) and those are treated with a vinegar and water solution first, stain remover second.

I also was informed by my pal Chat (we’re on a first name basis) that an enzyme-based detergent like OxiClean are best for protein stains…and that sheets can be hung in the sunlight to lighten stains for a few hours.

Day 4: AI Answers The Ultimate Question

Unseen Studio

Since AI and I have gotten to know each other so well, have shared so much over these past few days, it’s time I pop the question. The question being: “Would you recommend using AI over human writers?”

After giving me the pros and cons of artificial intelligence, ChatGPT sums it up with:

“AI can be a valuable tool for certain tasks, particularly those requiring speed, consistency, and data-driven insights. However, human writers bring unique skills such as creativity, empathy, and critical thinking that are essential for producing high-quality, engaging content in many contexts. Ultimately, a balanced approach that leverages the strengths of both AI and human writers may yield the best results.”

AI just wants us all to work in harmony. Alexa, play “Why Can’t We Be Friends?” by War.

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