Get Inspired in 4 Simple Steps

Inspiration is something we're all looking for. But the beautiful muse and the guy playing the lute are busy: they can't get to everyone at just the moment you need them. We've all been stuck in the 9 to 5 rut, something the French call metro, boulot, dodo (which means, train, job, sleep) that repeats over and over again. But a life of monotony doesn't breed creativity or ambition. If you need some help getting out of that rut, here are some tips. View our slideshow here!

I want to get away

Once upon a time

"Run, Forrest, Run!"

Get writing

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Every time payday rolls around, I’m on top of the world. Jeff Bezos-level rich - even though I’m anything but. And then somehow the very next day, rent is due.

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Photo by Nubelson Fernandes via Unsplash

I’ve been feeling very British lately. Not in a Union-Jack-obsessed, “Keep Calm and Carry-On” way. I went through that phase in 2012 with everyone else… no thank you. And it’s not even a surge of patriotism catalyzed by the Queen dying — I’m firmly team Diana and team Meghan.

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Southwest Airlines Sale 2022

Photo by Trac Vu on Unsplash

Pack your bags — Southwest Airlines is having a major sale! Fares are as low as $59 one-way if you book by October 3rd.

This end-of-summer super sale is a game-changer for your travel plans through the end of the year. Summertime travel gets all the glory. But why not take advantage of your long weekends, holidays, and PTO this fall. You’ll be surprised at how much travel you can fit in. Keep the fall/winter season exciting with domestic trips that give you all the excitement without breaking the bank. All thanks to Southwest.

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