Worst Store Credit Cards

Liking a store doesn't mean you should get their credit card.

Signing up for a new credit card can offer you a great means of stretching your spending power.

It also builds your credit score and nabs you some neat bonuses for signing up or spending money depending on the kind of card you get. But it's also important to keep your credit card's interest rate in mind. The APR – or annual percentage rate – is the rate of interest you'll be hit with if you fail to pay off your monthly credit card bill on time.

Many stores offer their own credit cards nowadays, many offering extra benefits for frequent shoppers. But some of these store cards are also notorious for especially high APRs and relatively lame bonuses, too. Here are the worst offenders:

GameStop PowerUp Rewards Credit Card

Even for the most hardcore gamers, 29.24% APR is a bad deal, especially when coupled with the GameStop PowerUp Rewards Credit Card's terrible rewards. The sign-up bonus is 5,000 points (roughly $5 in-store credit) for standard members, or 15,000 points (a whole $15) for GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro members, which as an entirely separate GameStop subscription that already costs an extra $15.

Staples More Account Credit Card

Featuring a horrendous 30.24% APR for a personal account, Staples More Account Credit Card only gives you 5% back on Staples purchases and free shipping on orders over $49.99. So unless you're buying a ton of office supplies on a near-constant basis, there are plenty of other cards with way better savings, rewards, and benefits packages, along with much lower APR.

Zales The Diamond Card

If you're buying lots of diamonds at retail for whatever reason, Zales The Diamond Card might seem tempting. It offers $50 off on your birthday, free shipping, and 10% off on jewelry repair services. Of course, this comes with a whopping 29.99% APR, which barely does anything to make up for a nice discount on a single day once a year.

Piercing Pagoda Credit Card

The Piercing Pagoda Credit Card isn't just bad. It's unimaginably bad. With a 29.99% APR and the sole benefit of $25 off on your birthday, there is no reason that anyone should ever get a Piercing Pagoda Credit Card. With no extra benefits or cash back for Piercing Pagoda purchases, even someone covered in piercings who constantly buy's new studs and rings gets no real mileage out of this massive dud of a card.

BrandSource Credit Card

With the highest APR on this list at 30.74% and no benefits or rewards to speak of, the BrandSource Credit Card might actually be one of the worst credit cards ever made. Why would anyone buy it? What could you possibly hope to gain from this card, aside from horrible fees should you fail to make a payment. You're better off going with Piercing Pagoda. At least they give you a measly $25 on your birthday.

Overall, store credit cards don't tend to be the best way to go if you have other credit card options. Their benefits tend to be limited and sometimes even nonexistent, and their APRs are unusually high. Be careful when signing up for a new credit card, and be sure to do your research. Liking a store isn't a good enough reason to go with their card.

Dan Kahan is a writer & screenwriter from Brooklyn, usually rocking a man bun. Find more at dankahanwriter.com

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