Dan Kahan

Dan Kahan

Why Target Is the Worst Store to Shoplift From

Target - Photo by David Suarez 0za (Unsplash)

Despite the fact that late-stage capitalism is an amoral hellhole driven by a borderline religious belief in the sanctity of brands, we would never, ever suggest that anyone should shoplift from big-box stores, or even imply that doing so is morally okay or a victimless crime. But hypothetically, if we were to give any tidbit

The Ultimate Guide to Selling Funko POPs


Even if you don’t know the first thing about collectables, you know Funko POPs. Funko Everyone does. They’re absolutely everywhere, from comic book shops to big box stores to movie theater concession stands. Many people think Funko POPs are cute, with their big black eyes and uniform features. Others think they’re creepy for pretty much

How Much Money Do US Politicians Make?

It’s easy to forget that the presidency of the United States is a government job just like any other–in that it comes with a stipulated salary and benefits. But regardless of their bombastic rhetoric or self-serious public image, politicians are like all other government employees. The president, vice president, and legislators earn an annual income

The Worst Store Credit Cards

Signing up for a new credit card can offer you a great means of stretching your spending power. It also builds your credit score and nabs you some neat bonuses for signing up or spending money depending on the kind of card you get. But it’s also important to keep your credit card’s interest rate