You Asked, We Answered: Everything You Need To Know About Credit Repair

If you’ve got a credit score that’s less than desirable, one that can make securing a mortgage, or a loan for big life events impossible, then you’ll be happy to hear about CreditRepair.com.

CreditRepair.com is a service that could help you turn your credit around. Financial distress can happen to even the most conservative spender. A job loss, medical illness, or any random crises life decides to throw at you can lead to economic hardship. That's where credit repair services come in.

Fixing your credit can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be; CreditRepair.com is helping thousands of people get back in control.

Ready to fix your credit? Here’s everything you need to know:

What is CreditRepair.com?

Credit repair services like CreditRepair.com can help you remove unfair negative items from your credit report, such as inaccurate late payments. Once the items are removed, your score could improve, allowing you a stronger chance of landing that loan or getting a better rate on a loan.

What is a credit score?

Every person who has a certain amount of credit has a score based on the following factors: payment history, amounts owed, length of credit history, credit mix, and new credit. This score alerts banks and lenders to how likely you are to pay back a loan.

What is a good credit score?

The FICO® Score rates anything from 300-669 as not great. If your score is 670-800+, it’s considered good.

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How does credit repair work?

It’s super simple; you can head to the website to get started. Don’t worry - this is a completely secure process and won’t hurt your score. With your help, CreditRepair.com can send challenge letters requiring creditors to respond to or refute incorrect items on your credit report. If the creditors are unable to make a case, the items will be removed from your credit report!

Is it expensive?

The online credit report evaluation is FREE! You’ll receive your up-to-date credit score, a negative item summary and recommended credit solutions - all for free!

Then, CreditRepair.com will help you challenge inaccurate negative line items and follow up on more solutions that can improve your credit. Based on how many negative items you have, there are three pricing tiers.

How long does it take?

In the past CreditRepair.com's typical member has had their services up to 6 months. During that 6-month period, the credit advisors at CreditRepair.com will work with you to promote good credit habits–small changes that can make a big difference in the long run! The process always varies from person to person–your time with CreditRepair.com will be personalized to fit you and your needs.

Your personal online dashboard will show all the items impacting your score and the status of how your advisor is helping.

Since 2012, CreditRepair.com has worked with 830,000 members to make smarter credit decisions, better their credit scores and open up opportunities. Their credit advisors are compassionate, well-informed and diligent in keeping communication lines open, so you’ll always know the status of your credit items.

If you’re looking for a supportive community to help improve your credit so you can finally nab that dream home or put the past behind you, CreditRepair.com is the place for you.

CreditRepair.com is offering our readers a free online credit evaluation, which includes your FREE credit report score and negative item summary. You can follow this link to take advantage of this no-obligation offer and get your free credit report and score!

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