Ekster's Modular Bifold Is The Wallet Of The Future

First, it was the smartphone, and now, it's the smart wallet.

In a crowded market, Ekster's smart wallets have been standing out because of their amazing features. Their wallets come with RFID blocking technology and the ability to be tracked, making them safe from data theft and virtually unlosable.

If you think these features sound great, but you're into a more classic wallet, then fear not. The new Ekster bi-fold modular wallet has the classic design but with a modern twist. It has the amazing features mentioned above, but still has the classic and simplistic model fold design. It's made from premium Italian leather, and it comes in caramel, brown, and black.

The standout feature of this wallet is the removable magnetic cardholder. Ekster's wallets have been constantly praised for their practicality, and their new Modular Bifold is no different. It's the first wallet that allows you the freedom to either carry everything you have, or travel light, without the hassle of rearranging your cards.

Where other Ekster wallets were made slim to fit the essentials, with the Modular Bifold you have the option to store more. The strong magnets will keep the extra cardholder in place should you need it. If not, you can remove it easily. Plus, it has a large sleeve that can hold up to 10+ bills.

Ekster is constantly innovating to keep up with consumers' needs. If you're looking for something slim with easy access to cards, their Parliament wallet might be what you're looking for. Just click the button in the corner, and your cards will pop up for quick access.

But for those who might need some extra room from time to time, and who just love the simple leather wallet look, the Modular Bifold is definitely for you. It can store 12+ cards, but it's still not too bulky. Plus, there's a sleeve for your cash, your cards will be RFID protected, and you can still add the tracking card if you want to.

The tracking card is super impressive. It's solar-powered, so it only needs 3 hours of sunlight to last for 2 months. You can track your wallet worldwide with Ekster's global system when you lose it. Pair it with your Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri, and simply speak a command into your phone and have your tracker pulled up on a map the instant you realize your wallet's missing.

The Ekster Modular Bifold is just $79. If you've been debating whether or not you needed a new wallet for a while, now it's confirmed. You won't find a wallet like this anywhere else.

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