Artificial Intelligence

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Looking for a job? In addition to encountering those annoying never-ending job interviews you may find yourself face-to-face with an artificial intelligence bot.

Companies worldwide increasingly use artificial intelligence tools and analytics in employment decision-making – from parsing through resumes and screening candidates to automated assessments and digital interviews. But recent studies claim that AI does more harm than good.

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Every time I leave the house, I manage to spend more money than I expected.

I’ve tried leaving my credit cards at home, only to succumb to using Apple Pay to give myself a sweet little treat. I take a different route on my Hot Girl Walks to avoid Starbucks, then stumble upon a new neighborhood shop filled with snacks or trinkets. And even when I have to do horrid things like going to the dentist, I somehow just have to peek into Target (and leave with bags and bags of clothing), or I reward myself for that grueling session in the dreaded dental chair with lunch (mouth still numb …).

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Looking for a new job? More and more companies are asking candidates to endure unending interview rounds. But what is the limit? Can too many rounds drive candidates away?

Back in the Before Times – ie: pre-pandemic – job seekers went through one to three interviews until a hiring decision was made, which is totally reasonable. But in recent years, an outrageous number of interview rounds has become the norm. Sometimes recruiters reach such an absurd number that they even drive candidates away.

Our editors have heard stories that leave us speechless:

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I’m soooo good at saving money in the winter … because I don’t do anything or go anywhere. When it’s cold — and heaven forbid raining or snowing! — I am a master of staying home, cooking cozy soups at home, and watching the number in my savings accounts grow.

But when the sun comes out, the days get longer, and my seasonal depression fades, I emerge from my cocoon of comfort and conscientious spending and throw money at everything. Suddenly, my coffees at home are replaced by Hot Girl Walks to get fancy (read: expensive) iced lattes. My weekends are filled with activities and adventures that all cost money. And it seems like just stepping outside to enjoy the sun turns into a money-draining venture.

A month into summer I always get a shock when I finally look at my bank account. How could I have hemorrhaged so much money?

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