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Seemingly every day, TikTok excavates a new defining difference between Gen Z and millennials.

Officially, millennials were born between 1981 and 1996, and Gen Z includes anyone born between 1997 and 2012. Though the "Zillennials" born between '94 and 2000 straddle this divide, the commonly cited factors that distinguish the two include: relationship to technology, use of social media, and memories/experiences of key events like 9/11 and the 2008 recession.

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As the years go by, you'll likely need to make some large purchases here and there. Plan for these major life purchases by identifying them and saving early.

While it's possible to be frugal with many aspects of your lifestyle, there are certain events and possessions that will require you to spend a substantial amount of money. Thus, a wise course of action is to begin saving well ahead of time while thinking about your goals for the future. This way, you'll be able to maintain a stable financial state even when faced with those large expenses. The following are a few major life purchases that you should plan for.

A Wedding

Marriage is a joyous occasion that many people look forward to. However, a wedding can be quite expensive, often costing thousands of dollars. Your family and your future spouse's family will often contribute to covering this, but you should still prepare to spend a good deal of your own money on the ceremony. If you're in a serious relationship and are considering marriage, you should plan where the funds for the wedding will come from and take the necessary actions to accumulate them. It's also crucial to discuss financial matters with your partner, since your property will merge once you get married.

A New Car

Automobiles remain one of the top modes of transportation. As a result, you may want to purchase a new car at some point in your life. Although you may be fine with an old or used vehicle at present, you may one day be motivated by a desire to acquire something nice for yourself or by the practical needs that arise as you raise children. Whatever the case, obtaining a new car is a major life purchase that you should plan for.

In addition to setting aside funds to eventually put towards a vehicle, you should also aim to build you credit score. This is because your credit score will determine your available car loan options. The higher your credit score, the more you may be able to lower your interest rates on your car.

A House

Owning your own residential property is a worthy objective that you may hope to make a reality one day. Ideally, you should save about 20 percent of the total cost of a house before you buy it. This will allow you to make a larger down payment and thereafter face less interest on your mortgage.

As with acquiring a car, the mortgage options that you'll have can change based on how strong your credit score is. You'll want to increase your score as much as possible in the years leading up to buying a house so that you can get more favorable interest rates. In addition to contemplating down payments and mortgages, you must also remember that you'll need to deal with property taxes, insurance, maintenance and repair fees, and sometimes homeowners' association charges.

It's also necessary to hire a real estate agent to help you with the buying process. There are different types of real estate professionals. You should know how to distinguish between buyer's agents and seller's agents so that you can obtain favorable prices on homes as well.

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We're all taking steps towards helping the environment. Such as recycling more diligently, using reusable bags, and quitting plastic straws.

Luckily, all of these steps don't cost too much money. Turns out, there's another step you can take that actually saves you money. Sounds a little too good to be true, but Arcadia Power can help you cut the cost of your energy bills, all while finding a more green alternative.

There's no catch, no extortionate bills, no 30-year commitment, and no need to install solar panels on your roof. You're probably wondering how this is possible.

Arcadia Power
Conserve Energy
Reduce Your Bills
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Firstly, Arcadia looks at your monthly bills and determines what your energy usage is. Then, they automatically shop around to find the best monthly rate in your area that's sourced from renewable energy, like wind and solar. They don't change your utility, just get you a more sustainable bill.

Arcadia isn't a power provider, but they work on your behalf to make sure that the energy being proved by companies is being partly sourced from green suppliers, as well as getting you the best deal possible.

50% of your electricity will come from renewable alternatives.

It doesn't cost you anything because Arcadia is paid by your provider after they secure you a green energy supplier.

It only takes 2 minutes to sign up, and it's a totally free service! Acadia's mission is to make green energy sources not only more accessible but more affordable, too.

Whether you're renting or you're a homeowner, Arcadia is an easy way to do more for the environment. And again, it saves you money. Everybody wins!

Plus, Arcadia is offering a $25 Amazon gift card to everyone that signs up. You have nothing to lose, but so much to gain!