What is Scott Disick's Net Worth and How Did He Make His Fortune?


By Massimo Tornambe

Scott Disick, aka "Lord Disick" has gained fame and a devoted following since his appearances on the reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Disick is renowned for his expensive taste in clothes, cars, and women. The question that millions of fans are asking is: where did his fortune come from? Scott has been very elusive as to the origin of his wealth. The answer is...complicated.

According to CelebrityNetWorth.com Scott Disick's net worth in 2024 is $45 Million and his salary is estimated at $4 Million per year.

Scott Disick (Hulu)

Lord Disick wasn't one of those people who started with nothing and made it big. Both his parents were successful real estate developers, whose total net worth together was around $25 million. Which, after his dad passed in 2013 and his mom in 2014, he inherited. While Scott doesn't like to talk about the origin of his money, he sure loves to flaunt it.

Scott Disick Throwing Money Throwing at least another $30 in all ones Pinterest.com

Disick has, however, managed to expand his inheritance by quite a bit. While the full details about how he did it are unknown, he does mention venturing into several branches of business. One of these endeavors was label manufacturing in the vitamin supplements and nutrition industry - and his 2018 launch of the Talentless clothing line which consists of hoodies and sweats.

He also invested in several nightclubs that were owned by his friends. This broad portfolio allowed various sources of income to expand his inheritance. A large chunk of Disick's fortune is thanks to his relationship with the Kardashian family, as he now charges for appearances.

Parade also puts Disick's net worth at $45 million. However, factoring in all these sources of income, a more accurate evaluation of the Lord's income could be less than that. Yes, there may be a large margin to find an accurate number. The point is His Lordship is stinking rich and wants the world to know it.

The Lord Disick relies on his money to define who he is. He uses his fortune to serve as a self, especially when it comes to relationships. His real fame started with his relationship (and marriage) to Kourtney Kardashian. Their on-again-off-again relationship has caused a lot of unhealthy behavior from Disick. He parties hard and dates a bevy of women many at the same time). An inside source told People: "Scott is really sad about it, (break-up with Kourtney) and it's part of why he's lashing out." He's been boozing it up in many vacation destinations such as Miami and Cannes. Disick even went to the hospital for alcohol poisoning after a particularly wild party.

Scott Disick (Instagram

Recently, the Lord has been claiming he's cleaned up his act. Disick is the classic example of a trust fund kid. He's had money his entire life, and aside from a few broken hearts, he's experienced very little hardship - especially in the wealth department. Years with seemingly limitless money have caused him to have a somewhat cocky attitude. It's still unclear whether he's earned the right to be this conceited, or if it's still just his parent's money doing the talking. Overall, he's a skilled businessman, and an eccentric character, with a few flaws.

But give him a break, we all have our imperfections. Disick's is just an abundance of arrogance.

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