Congratulations! You've Ubered and Grubhubbed and online-shopped your way into credit card debt. Now you're an adult who's incurred enough debt to make a credit card company very frustrated with you. Welcome to the maxed out club!

The first time you realize that you've maxed out a credit card, you may panic, but there are many recourses you can take that aren't openly advertised by credit card companies. Some will impact your credit score more than others, but if you've come this far, you've probably realized that a credit score is just life's homework, and there's always a way to half-ass the assignment during homeroom.

Stop Spending So Much

This sounds obvious, but it's all too easy to adapt a fatalistic attitude that you'll just drown in debt and so going out for tapas with friends isn't going to screw you over any more than you're already screwed. But that's the misguided and deeply counter-productive approach to handling your debt. In fact, surveys show that 50% of Americans have at least one maxed out credit card in 2019, so you're certainly not alone.

Create a spending plan or act like a grown millennial and download a budgeting app. Stop ordering out when you're drunk, and learn to brew your own damn coffee. Sorry, our anger isn't directed at you, but at the capitalist enterprise that's brainwashed us into mindless consumption at all times.

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