Developing further skills can boost your career at any stage.

Whether you are looking for a new job or trying to grow in your current one, getting a certification can be a great way to improve your skills.

Anyone can put that they are proficient in a computer program on their resume but having a certificate can help you stand out amongst the competition and give credence to the strength of your skills.

But what's the best way to invest in yourself without breaking the bank? Some certification programs can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. We are going to walk through six of the best certifications you can get for $100 or less.

Amazon Web Services

Your company likely relies on the Amazon Cloud and knowledge of the back-end can help differentiate you.

Who is it best for: IT Professionals, managers, or any professional that works in the AWS cloud.

Cost: $100 for a Foundational certificate; additional certificates are available for a higher fee.

Amazon is the biggest player in web hosting, but the certifications aren't just for IT professionals. Purchase, sales, finance, and all sorts of different departments in your organization are likely to use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for cloud computing. Demonstrating an understanding of the back end of this process can be a real asset as you grow in your field. Managers throughout organizations often need a good grasp of IT services from AWS and this certification may help unlock that next step in your career.

Amazon offers a full array of certifications for IT professionals who work more-heavily in AWS, but we recommend the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam if you are only seeking to demonstrate an overall understanding of the Amazon Web Services Cloud not tied to a particular technical role. That certification costs $100 with practice exams available for $20.

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