6 Certifications to Take Your Career To The Next Level For $100 or Less

Developing further skills can boost your career at any stage.

Whether you are looking for a new job or trying to grow in your current one, getting a certification can be a great way to improve your skills.

Anyone can put that they are proficient in a computer program on their resume but having a certificate can help you stand out amongst the competition and give credence to the strength of your skills.

But what's the best way to invest in yourself without breaking the bank? Some certification programs can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. We are going to walk through six of the best certifications you can get for $100 or less.

Facebook Blueprint

The landing page of Facebook.

Mastery of Facebook is a must for any marketing professional in the 2020s.

Who it is best for: Social media managers and marketing professionals.

Cost: $99 for Associate certification; additional certifications are available for additional fees.

Facebook has been the largest social network for a long time. If your job involves marketing or social media, understanding Facebook's platform is critical to your career success. Facebook Blueprint offers free self-paced courses for online advertising on Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook. These courses cover useful topics including ad policies, how to grow your audience and reach, as well as how to manage campaigns on Facebook's platform.

Facebook Blueprint Certification can show your advanced proficiency in these topics and allows you to leverage one of the largest online advertising platforms to its full potential. The exams to become a Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate or a Facebook Certified Community Manager start at $99, with professional-level exams also available for $150.

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