6 Certifications to Take Your Career To The Next Level For $100 or Less

Developing further skills can boost your career at any stage.

Whether you are looking for a new job or trying to grow in your current one, getting a certification can be a great way to improve your skills.

Anyone can put that they are proficient in a computer program on their resume but having a certificate can help you stand out amongst the competition and give credence to the strength of your skills.

But what's the best way to invest in yourself without breaking the bank? Some certification programs can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. We are going to walk through six of the best certifications you can get for $100 or less.


A laptop running the computer program Alteryx.

Image courtesy of Alteryx and Velocity Business Solutions.

Alteryx is a useful tool for any company looking for data-driven decision-making.

Who it is best for: Those who work with analyzing and presenting data.

Cost: Free.

Alteryx, like Tableau, is most-suited for those working in data analysis. However, the tools are very different. Alteryx allows users to take very large data sets, manipulate and clean them, and then can return a clean data set for easy analysis as well as ready-made reports and visualizations made in the program itself. If you have large amounts of data you need to manipulate or a report that needs to go out regularly, Alteryx is a great choice to streamline your workflow.

Alteryx Designer Core and Designer Advanced are both free, with Alteryx Designer Expert also available for $150. The forums are very active and the weekly challenges on their website are widely considered the best way to master the program.

Alteryx offers a one-year free license for students as well as a six-month free license for recent graduates and the unemployed throughAlteryx for Good.

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