At this point many of us have been wearing the same rotation of clothes for 8 weeks.

With summer coming up, most of us would be heading out to our neighborhood thrift shops to stock up on new gear for the warmer months. But with the economy at a stand still, chances are vintage thrift stores are going to be some of the last places to open up shop. Luckily, there remain hundreds of online thrift stores that can scratch this itch. Sure, shipping may be slightly delayed, and there is nothing like the instant satisfaction of buying new digs in house, but beggars can't be choosers right now. Here are some of the best online thrift stores.



PIG magazine creator Simon Beckerman bred this buying and selling app for Gen Z-ers to help them discover unique clothes. The homepage is easy to navigate, and it's super easy to meet sellers or become a seller yourself. With a highly detailed search system, Depop offers a slew of new and used clothing and a variety of affordable prices. Not to mention, every purchase is covered with buyers insurance.

Treasures of NYC

Treasures of NYC

This NYC-based retailer is for those with a distinctive vintage flair. Specializing in curated luxury vintage, Treasures of NYC is made for the obscenely fashionable. With a heavy focus on high-end accessories, like sunglasses, jewelry and vintage caps, the app is constantly updated with new incoming pieces. Follow their Instagram page to help keep up on Treasure's abundance, because it can get a bit overwhelming.



Curated mostly for girls, ThredUp is a little more for sellers then buyers, but in turn can still be insanely rewarding. The website lists specific items it's looking for, and users send in items that match ThredUp's description. If the qualifications are met, the items are accepted for re-sale and ThredUp pays the sender in cash or store credit. The store credit is really excellent at offering great discounts of ThredUp's stuff. Also, to promote sustainable shopping, ThredUp launched ReMade to help incentivize shoppers to resell. If you purchase an item, and choose to resell your item, then you're guaranteed 40 percent of what you paid for it.

ASOS Marketplace

ASOS Marketplace

ASOS is already a highly-esteemed brand. Known for its great prices and fast shipping, the brand has actually also had a steady selection second-hand clothes. ASOS has a hand-picked team of fashion pros that recommend season trends for vintage connoisseurs, with all brand names at affordable prices.



Etsy has been and remains one of the best sites out there for vintage shopping. The Cali-based site offers a wide range of eclectic goods that include statement handbags, earrings and plenty of clothing. Etsy products sell out fast though, so be sure to grab something when you see it!

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Airbnb is a great option while traveling, but you should protect yourself from damage charges from unscrupulous hosts.

Airbnb offers an affordable option for people looking to be more comfortable as they travel.

However, there are downsides to staying in a host's home rather than a hotel. Whereas hotels are designed for constant streams of visitors and often have furniture built to last, at an Airbnb, you may be staying on old or cheap furniture that a host is using in order to maximize their profits.

And while most reputable hotels will have regular room inspections from staff to check for any wear and tear, Airbnb damage disputes are oftentimes he said, she said situations. If you are in an Airbnb and something breaks, there are a few steps you should take in order to ensure that you are not on the hook for damages out of your control.

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What Are NFTs?

Art Installation N°1 by Carlos Marcial. Rhett Dashwood / YouTube

If you're keeping tabs on the art and tech worlds, you've probably been hearing whispers about "NFTs" for the past month. Just over the past week they've entered the mainstream lexicon.

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey made the news for selling his first ever tweet. The app has been teasing paid subscription models and newsletter-like features, but tweets for sale is "the next frontier."

The 2006 tweet went up for auction as an NFT, and the current bid is $2.5 Million. But what does it mean to own that? Why would anyone want to? And what even is an NFT?

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Long gone are the days when the majority of Americans dreamed about owning a home with a white picket fence.

The traditional American Dream may be on its deathbed, but that doesn't mean a core component of the vision can't survive. It simply takes a diverse perspective. People can still believe they can attain their own vision of success in society with hard work, knowledge, and risk-taking. Investing in today's American Dream may literally mean investing money in our modern economy, starting with our infrastructure.

Real estate investing in particular is a lucrative method that can boost income and secure a better financial future for many. There's always risk involved, but the payoffs can far outweigh the uncertainty. Selecting solid financial investments is about confidence and competence. If you're looking for some advice on this kind of investment, here are a few savvy tips for new real estate investors.

Stick To a Specific Strategy or Niche

Real estate is a challenging sphere of the business world, one that requires several key skills: groundwork knowledge, networking, perseverance, and organization. True knowledge of the real estate market will come with time and experience, but it's a smart idea to select one area of the market and stick to it. This is the best way to attain in-depth familiarity with your specific niche.

First, choose a geographical area close by and then a niche strategy within it, such as house flips, rental rehabs, or residential or commercial properties. By doing so, you can become aware of current inner working conditions in the market and you'll have a better idea of how these trends may change in the future.

Be Vigilant About Viable Financing Options

While it takes money to make money, you don't have to use all your own money. A common misconception about real estate investing is that you must be wealthy to start off. This isn't straight fact, however. A majority of people can test the waters of real estate investing without a lot of initial cash in their pocket.

Aside from traditional financing options from banks and institutions, private lending options can be worthy solutions. Hard money lenders are popular, reasonable choices, and they tend to have fewer qualification requirements upfront. However, be sure to strategically choose a hard money lender to find the best possible fit.

Master the Art of Finding Good Deals

There may be hundreds of thousands of available properties for sale on the current market, but the bulk of them will never amount to the final money-making result you desire. Another great tip for new real estate investors is to use good math to estimate profit. Taking risks is part of the process, but you have the ability to analyze properties and use networking sources to find the greatest deal. You can't win every deal, but you can steadily work towards a thriving financial future.