I Tried Xfinity Internet. Here's My Honest Review

My internet is always so slow. I just accepted it as an inevitability in my area. Any time I started a Netflix movie, I knew it would have to stop and buffer a few times, but it was a good built-in popcorn refill.

I used the same internet provider as the last tenants, assuming it was the only one that worked in my area, but one day, after a particularly difficult Zoom session, I realized that was probably not true.

I also dreaded the process of switching. Phone calls with different companies, my current company begging me not to go…. I did some research and ended up looking at Xfinity. They were available in my zip code, and it was cheaper than my current plan. Still, switching was never worth it, right?

Apparently, Xfinity offers no contract, high-speed internet, and plenty of other perks and bundle options. I could get a bundle with TV, Phone, and Home Security if I wanted.

I decided to try it, and I could back out if it was too much of a pain. I braced myself for the annoying phone calls, but realized I hadn't done this in a while; it's 2021, and they would take care of everything! Xfinity was able to cancel my current plan and get me on to their plan!

Superfast Internt Provider
Seamless Transition, They Take Care Of Everything
Work Home From Like A Pro With Xfinity

I wouldn't have to talk to my old internet provider at all - a seamless transition.

My representative told me there was an appointment available the very next day to get a new internet service installed, and I very easily set up autopayments.

Now I'm only paying $64.99 a month for 12 months, for my bundle, and getting an internet speed that makes streaming easy, even during peak hours. Xfinity offers internet speeds up to 1200 Mbps, which I believe was faster than my previous plan. They also keep upgrading their speed; they've been able to increase WiFi speeds 17 times over the past 15 years!

I know switching internet or cable providers have a reputation for being the worst thing in the world, but it's so easy these days. Finally, I can actually have friends over to watch a movie all the way through or connect my Alexa to my Spotify without any annoying lag. I can't believe I didn't switch earlier!

If you're at all unhappy with your internet provider, Xfinitywill let you know if you can get faster, cheaper WiFi at your home...and then they'll set it right up for you.

Ready to try Xfinity?

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