RateGenius: The Secret To Cutting Your Car Payments, Quick And Easy

Your car is there through it all. It's around when you pick up your kids from school, when you head to work everyday, and when you visit your in-laws across town. It's a part of most of the millions of moments and activities that form our everyday lives. It's no wonder buying a car is such a big deal. You know it's something that you're going to own for years so the pressure to make the right choice is pretty high. That's why so many people splurge on buying the car of their dreams.

But financing your dream car through a car loan can make a nightmare of your monthly payments. Accepting a high interest rate in exchange for a shiny new car doesn't seem like too bad of an idea at first. That is until you see how quickly those payments can deplete your bank account.

If you cringe every time a car payment is due, it might be time to refinance your auto loan with rateGenius, an auto refinancing company that's partnered with more than 150 lenders all across the country. Their online process helps you find a new loan with a lower interest rate so that you can pay off your high-interest loan immediately, saving you more money in the long run. On average, rateGenius can save you $78 a month, meaning you can save nearly $1000 dollars a year. Sounds like a sweet deal.

Imagine all the things you could do with an extra thousand a year. Here are just a few.

1. Head on a cruise for a 5-island tour of the Caribbean.

2. Shop for a new wardrobe and several pairs of new shoes.

3. Stock up on all the books you've been meaning to read.

4. Head to a baseball game.

5. Book plane tickets to a city you've always wanted to visit.

6. Buy tickets to see a play at the Theater.

7. Gift your kids tickets to see Mickey Mouse in person.

Think about it. The possibilities are endless. Who doesn't like saving money? If you're interested in lower car payments, apply to refinance your loan with rateGenius. With all that extra money, we see vacation plans in your near future!

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