HomeServe Takes The Stress Out Of Paying For Home Repairs

Our homes are everything. It's more than just a building, holding the key to all of our fondest memories, family gatherings, and where we finally get to unwind after a long day. And with all that comes a ton of moving parts so when things go wrong with your house, it needs to be addressed ASAP. Being a homeowner comes with a big responsibility to make sure everything in your home is and continues to run smoothly.

For example, if your hot water heater goes out, you have to take care of getting it fixed. As a homeowner, you don't have the convenience of being a renter, where if something breaks all you have to do is call the super or landlord. (Boy, do I miss those days!)

On the other hand, a lot of benefits come with buying your own home – it's a great investment, owning property is good for building equity, and for some can be a nice place to put down roots to raise a family. But as your home ages and experiences normal wear and tear or unexpected damages, being a homeowner can become a real headache. Since now many of us are home more than ever, our home systems and appliances are working overtime. And that could mean more breakdowns.

Homeowners are opting to have home warranty plans in place, to have someone to call when something on their plan breaks. Having a home warranty plan from HomeServe can help protect your finances when you're in need of emergency home repair services covered on the plan. (Because let's be honest, nobody wants to dish out hundreds every time they need to call a repairman or thousands of dollars if replacement of a pipe or appliance is required.)

Want to learn more about how a plan from HomeServe works? Here's what you need to know:

What is a home warranty plan?

A home warranty or home repair plan gives you peace of mind. While basic homeowner's insurance plans typically cover accidental damage to your home caused by events like fires or natural disasters, a home warranty plan helps cover the repairs or replacement costs associated with the normal wear and tear of home systems or appliances in your house.

When your plumbing lines, AC, heat, or appliances fail to work or need to be replaced, it could cost you a lot of money. When you're prepared with a home warranty plan from HomeServe, you will have access to a 24/7 repair hotline that allows you to make an appointment to have a licensed technician come over and handle your covered repair.

What does it cover?

Depending on the type of plan you have, it might cover plumbing, electrical, or heating and cooling systems. That includes things like a boiler breakdown in the middle of winter and locating and replacing a leaky pipe.

Why do I need it?

With a home warranty plan from HomeServe, you will have peace of mind. Since no one plans for the headache and hassle of home repairs, having a plan in place to deal with an emergency repair is a smart move. You'll know that you're ready for unexpected covered repair costs – costs that can easily make a dent in your wallet.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a home warranty plan varies, but you can visit us at to review affordable quotes for the plans that are available in your area. Plans start as low as $7.99 a month.

Nowadays we are using our home systems and appliances possibly more than ever. And while surprise repairs are a normal part of homeownership, you can't always foresee them happening. That's why being prepared with a home warranty plan from HomeServe will help you to not be caught off guard. Sign up for a home warranty plan today.

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