FanDuel DFS Has Upped The Fantasy Sports Game

Our all-time favorite fantasy sports app, FanDuel Daily Fantasy Sports(DFS) is celebrating the return of the NFL in a big way- by adding a new, exciting way to have your best season to date!

If you're new to the game, FanDuel DFS is the place to be. Signing up to play couldn't be easier, and can be done online or after downloading the FanDuel app. Then simply put in your name, email address, and Social Security Number so that they can secure your account and protect your winnings.

What makes classic FanDuel DFS different is that you get to pick an entirely new line up every week, without exceeding your weekly salary cap. But if that's not your thing, their new Snake Draft option might be for you.

Snake Draft

FanDuel is adding the Snake Draft format to their offering, which is more like the typical season-long fantasy sports leagues you may be familiar with. In Snake Draft, the selection order switches in every round. If you pick first in Round 1, then you will hold the last draft pick in Round 2, then the first pick in Round 3, the last draft pick in Round 4, and so on. Basically, you draft 6 players in a 6-round draft with 30 seconds per pick. Once a player is selected, they are no longer available for other teams to pick.

If you're on the clock and you haven't picked by the time the timer expires, Snake DraftAuto Draft will kick in and select your line up for you(you can also choose to have the player picked automatically for you). If this happens, the following criteria help determine what plates you receive-

  1. The top active player in your queue.
  2. If there are no active players in your queue, the highest available player.
  3. If neither of those is available, it picks the player with the highest projected point total at a position that you haven't filled.

For most sports(except golf)Snake Draft teams must be made up of players from at least two different teams, and you can't choose more than four players from the same team. Once you pick your team, rosters are locked, and no trades or replacements are allowed. What's awesome is that you can participate every game day, and there's no salary cap!

FanDuel DFS is the place to be for Fantasy Sports. They have leagues for NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, soccer, and golf, and their website is packed with useful tips if you wanna up your game.

Depositing cash into your FanDuel account is easy and can be done using PayPal or a credit or debit card. The minimum deposit amount is $10. Plus, you can cash out at any time. Just link up your bank account to your FanDuel account.

FanDuel also has an unmissable offer for new users. They'll match 20% of your deposit up to $500! With FanDuel DFS, there's something for everyone. Roll on the action!

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