Why This Smart Wallet Could Be The Smartest Purchase You Make

Want to never lose your wallet again?

Everything is going "smart" right now. Smartphones, smartwatches, smart TVs, and even smart fridges. But do we really need everything we use to be smart? Do we need to reinvent the wheel?

Well, when it comes to items that have stayed the exact same since their inception, yes absolutely. Especially when the old versions we have are inconvenient, and creating new ones will make our lives easier and more efficient. One item that springs to mind as it bulges out my pocket, t he Wallet.

Thankfully, the founders of Eksterwere also frustrated with the lack of smart options for wallets, and tired of carrying their bulky wallets around. So they designed the Ekster wallet for the world we live in today.

Since launching as a Kickstarter project in 2016 in the Netherlands, they've grown so fast - now there are three generations of Ekster wallets, along with products such as the Modular Secretary, the Power Bank, cash clips, and Bluetooth tracker cards.

Questions about the new smart wallet brand everybody is loving?

1. What does it mean for a wallet to be a "smart" wallet?

For a wallet to be smart, it needs to fit today's standards instead of being perfect for sixty years ago. A smart wallet is safe, secure, hard to lose, and easy to use - exactly what the Ekster is.

2. What makes Ekster wallets so special?

It's an upgrade on an item you definitely already own, and which probably frustrates you. The quick card access mechanism, compact size, RFID protection, and beautiful, classic leather - it's an upgrade you'll never look back from. It's the most Instagram-worthy wallet you'll ever own, but it doesn't compromise on quality: this wallet just works. It's so slim you forget it is even in your pocket!

3. I've never had strong feelings about any wallet, why will I enjoy Ekster?

Easier access, less to carry, and much more convenient storage. The tracking feature also means it's harder to misplace, so you don't have to worry about replacing it or losing important cards. There's no other wallet on the market with as many features; it's a one-of-a-kind product.

4. What is the difference between all the Ekster wallets?

The Parliament ($79) is a leather bi-fold wallet, that can hold over ten cards along with some cash or coins, and offers RFID protection for up to six cards. It's compatible with the solar-powered Tracker Card.

The Senate ($79) is a cardholder, not a bi-fold wallet, but can actually carry more cash than the Parliament. There's room for seven or more cards and RFID protection for up to six cards. It's also compatible with our solar-powered Tracker Card.

The Secretary ($39) is the slimmest RFID proof wallet. It holds up to seven cards, along with a secret pocket for cash or coins.

The Modular Secretary ($59) comes with a built-in removable magnetic cardholder. It can store 12+ cards, 10+ bills, and coins in the front compartment of the cardholder.

All Ekster wallets are made with premium leather and come in a variety of colors.

5. What is so great about the Ekster Tracker Card?

About the size of a credit card, the Ekster Tracker Card is a genius solution for the problem of lost wallets. It fits perfectly into your Ekster wallet and connects with an app on your phone to help you locate it. You can track your valuables using the global lost-and-found-community, or, in close ranges, you can ring your wallet with the touch of a button.

Powered by Chipolo, the Ekster Tracker Card is solar-powered, and only three hours of charge will last up to 3 months. It's also voice-activated and compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri. You can even take remote group selfies with the tracker.

Upgrading to a new smart version of anything needs to make a positive impact on your life, or else what was the point?! The upgrade to an Ekster wallet will change how you see and feel about your wallet, and most definitely be a positive impact.

Those moments using your wallet will be easier, faster, and more efficient. All of the time, effort, and research the founders put into these wallets, phone cases, trackers, and accessories is worth it when you use them.

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