3 Reasons Why We're Switching To Ekster

If there's one essential item you could upgrade, what would it be?

For us, the choice is clear: our wallets. They carry ID, credit cards, insurance cards - so much vital information entrusted to such a small accessory. It's time to level up.

Our editors have been searching for the brand that brings the most functionality to wallets while still maintaining exceptional style. The clear winner is Ekster. Their wallets have the necessary functions and features for the modern man all packed in one sleek design.

Here are 3 reasons why we're switching to Ekster:

1. So many features

Ekster's cardholders will revolutionize your day-to-day. With a quick access button, you can store 10+ cards in one place and get to them easily while on-the-go. Where there are credit cards there must be protection, which is why we love the RFID blocking layer that keeps your data safe from skimmers.

For the cash carriers out there, Ekster's thought of you, too. Utilize the multipurpose strap to hold some bills, extra business cards, or both. The best part is, these wallets come with worldwide tracking cards so if ever lost, you can skip the panic and pinpoint where your wallet is in a matter of minutes. It's also solar-powered and the two-way ringing lets you call your wallet from your phone or vice-versa. This is top-of-the-line tracking at your fingertips.

2. Quality materials

Ekster builds their products to last. Their Aluminum Cardholder is made with space-grade aluminum, so you can count on it for the long haul. Protect your money with the highest quality barrier between it and the world.

More into a classic look? Ekster's Senate Cardholder is made of premium Italian leather that's sustainably sourced. You get all the modern features while still staying true to your style.

3. Sleek design

We've all seen the chunky wallet that's bursting at the seams, completely overpacked and worn out. Ekster will never be that wallet. This "less-is-more" design holds what you need, and keeps things compact with their streamlined 0.29" design. These wallets are slim - simply slide them in your pocket and head out the door.

Plus, choose from 5 colors for the Aluminum Cardholder and 7 for the Senate Cardholder. Whatever your look, there's an Ekster match for you. Not ready to switch to a cardholder just yet? Ekster has updated traditional wallet styles with their Parliament Wallet and Modular Bifold (and we suggest checking out their iPhone cases too!).

There's no better option for design, function, and exquisite style. Take your day to the next level with these useful, innovative features meant to make life easier.

Trust us, once you live with Ekster, you can't live without it.

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