3 Services That Are So Convenient And Affordable You Need Them In Your Life

These days, no matter how well we plan our time, there never seems to be enough hours in the day, am I right? You can have every good intention in the world and plan every detail down to the minute, but still find yourself saying "I wish there was a service for that." Luckily, in today's day and age, there is a service for just about everything. From helpful apps that help you track your fitness progress and plan your meals, to clothing subscription boxes and meal kits, knowing which services will actually make your life easier can be tricky!

Sometimes you just need a little help to get things in order. Here are the 3 services you need to try immediately to help get your life together.


Why spend your evenings and weekends lining up at the grocery store, lugging bags and spending too much money on snacks because you went to the store hungry? Shop for all of your groceries online with Instacart and save yourself the hassle. From the comfort of your couch, you can buy groceries from your favorite stores in your local area, and one of Instacart's delivery people will go and shop for you! You'll get all of the same brands and products you know and love, and your delivery person will message you directly if they happen to have run out of your beloved barbecue chips


Another one of life's necessary tasks, spending what little free time you have cleaning is no fun. Think a cleaning service is a hassle to book and out of your budget? Think again! Handy'seasy-to-use app matches you with experienced and vetted cleaning Pros in your area. Handy's convenient cleaning plans are super flexible and can be tweaked at any time. Pros can come and save the day if there's a cleaning emergency, or arrive on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Appointments can be available as soon as the next day! You can also specify the exact type of cleaning you want before your Pro arrives and can add on additional services like deep fridge cleans or doing a load of laundry. Having a cleaning professional come on a regular basis makes it so much easier to keep your home in order. Plus, let's be real, everyone hates cleaning, so do yourself a favor and take your weekends back.

Sleep Cycle

What's more important than a good night's sleep? Nothing! Apps like Sleep Cycle are making it a lot easier to make sure that you're getting the right amount of quality rest. It gives you insight into key factors like how many hours of REM sleep you're getting, how much you move throughout the night, and your fluctuating heart rate, making it easier to understand why you still feel tired, even after 8 hours of sleep. The best part? You can set an alarm like you usually would, and based on your movements, it will detect when you are drifting into lighter stages of sleep and will wake you up at your lightest sleep point of sleep closest to your alarm. This makes waking up and getting out of bed so much more bearable (we wouldn't say easier!).

Not all services are a luxury. Cut yourself some slack and use an app like Handy to take some of the work off your plate.

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