I Never Thought I Could Afford Life Insurance Until I Discovered Bestow

It was a Tuesday. I was crossing the street in the middle of the block, stepping out from behind a beat-up old delivery van, when a truck came barreling towards me. It whipped by with centimeters to spare, causing my life to flash before my eyes.

I had to sit down on the curb, I was that rattled. I didn't know where my head was at. Actually, I do know. Recently, I'd been downsized at work, so now I'm a self-employed CPA with a wife, a mortgage, twin boys under five, a border collie, and no life insurance. My wife, Julie, is a contract employee so we'd been so busy scrambling to nail down adequate health insurance, we'd forgotten about our lives.

When I got home, I jumped on my computer to see if there was any life insurance coverage for an affordable price. Honestly, I didn't think I'd find anything until I stumbled on Bestow, a life insurance company that's 100% online. If approved, I'd have a life insurance policy in 5 minutes. With premiums starting as low as $5 per month, what did I have to lose?

Bestow offers term life insurance for a specific length of time at a level premium, meaning their monthly payments are locked-in over the life of the policy. Their terms are 2 years, 10 years, or 20 years. Coverage amounts range from $50K - $1 million. I'm 34 years old, so I chose a 20 year term.

After answering some questions about my weight and general health, I took on their formal application. I provided my credit score, medical history, my Body Mass Index. Then I waited for an "instant decision" from their underwriters. They weren't lying about that instant decision, I was approved! Was that it? No blood tests, no physical? When I hit the checkout screen, I was ready to select my beneficiary - Julie.

Purchasing life insurance on your own is confusing, perhaps that's why I put it off. I never thought about it before because I always took the default plan with whatever company I was working for. Bestow's website is simple to understand. It's convenient and affordable. Even better, there's no pressure, and no sales calls. What a relief.

I had no idea how much stress I'd been carrying lately about our financial future. When I was completely finished, I shouted with joy. Julie came into my office, gave me a kiss, sat down at the desk, and took out the exact same policy for herself.

Bestow's super-fast application process helped us make an informed decision about the life insurance that's right for us, and vital to our family's happiness. Now, I'm gonna grab Julie, the twins, go to the park, and play catch with our dog.

Follow this link to check out Bestow so you can keep enjoying your life with the ones you love.

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