Easy Ways to Stick to a Budget

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Sticking to a budget is super important for everyone, no matter how much you’re making or how much money you’re trying to save… But it’s often incredibly tricky. Here are five easy ways to stick to a budget. 1. Use a Budgeting App One of the easiest ways to stick to a budget is by

The 3 Best Apps to Help You Manage Your Money

From saving for a big purchase to paying off a loan, money management apps can help you take control of your finances. However, selecting one can be more difficult than figuring out the interest, fees, or charges on your latest credit card statement. We rounded up the top three apps to help you manage money.

Santa’s Bag: The App You Need This Holiday Season

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The holiday season can be a really stressful time, both mentally and financially. It is difficult to maintain normalcy when there’s a number of people to think about, presents to buy, and gifts to wrap… all while life carries on around you. If you’re looking for a great way to organize all the gifts you

How Shapr is changing the way we network


Sometimes it feels like it’s impossible to meet new people and make real connections. Everyone is busy with the hustle and bustle of everyday life and where are you supposed to meet people anyway? In college, you could meet in classes and connect through mutual interests or assignments. But once you’ve entered into the workplace,

How to Use Budgeting Apps to Their Fullest Potential

From all the apps on my phone, Mint is probably the most useful and helpful — besides my period tracker and Starbucks of course. After I put my predetermined savings from my paycheck into a separate account, I have to spread my money out to suit all aspects of my budget. I’ve always had trouble

How to Use Gamification to Get More Work Done

Gamification is all the rage because it works. Turn just about anything into a game with decent rewards, and you’ll be able to convince anyone to do just about anything. And this is all because we really, really, really like playing games. Gamification, to put it simply, is the use of an app or some