SmartAsset is the Easy and Safe Way to Find the Right Financial Advisor

Investing is never easy, and trying to figure everything out on your own can be incredibly stressful. That's why many people hire a professional financial advisor who understands the market and can make smart investment choices for you. But the tough part is finding someone you actually trust, that understands your long term financial goals. SmartAsset has built a way to address this problem, making it easier than ever to find the right financial advisor who understands the market and can help you achieve your financial goals. Of course, we were a bit skeptical about finding a financial advisor online, so we decided to learn how SmartAsset works and answer the questions personal investors need to know.

How do they find the right advisor?

When you visit the SmartAsset site, you're invited to answer a series of questions. The questionnaire only takes a few minutes, and helps them get a better idea of when you want to retire and how comfortable you feel with investing. They'll also ask about your current assets and income, so they can be sure to find an advisor who can give you the right guidance.

After completing the survey, you'll provide an email address and phone number. They'll match you with up to 3 recommended advisors based on your portfolio and investing needs, and you'll gain access to a short bio of each potential advisor. Before you make your choice, you'll even be able to talk with each advisor by phone, to make sure you feel confident they're the right choice for you. If you don't feel any of the options are a good fit, SmartAsset will continue to source advisors until you're in good hands. They do all the leg work of locating and researching each advisor, so all you have to do is view the advisor's info and make an informed decision.

Is my information secure?

SmartAsset is careful to keep all information secure. They only ask for your name, phone number, and email so they can put you in touch with potential advisors. This gives you the chance to screen each potential advisor individually and establish the relationship on your terms. There is no fee to connect with the advisor and no credit cards or credit checks are required.

What types of investments will I be able to get advice on?

The SmartAsset advisor network is a diverse group of financial advisors that can help with everything from investing in standard ETFs and large cap stocks, to more complicated products and less recognizable equities. Whatever your preferred investment style is, SmartAsset can find someone with the right experience to help you plan for a more comfortable retirement.

How do I know I'm getting an experienced advisor?

SmartAsset carefully vets their entire network to ensure each advisor is properly registered and meets their criteria for responsible client service. They also make sure that their registered investment advisors are fiduciaries, so you know they're putting your best interests first. This is key to finding an advisor you can trust. The primary goal of all advisors within the SmartAsset network is to ensure you get reliable advice from an experienced professional.

Whether you're saving for your child's college tuition, for your own retirement, or to take the family on a vacation to Europe, finding the right advisor with SmartAsset will help you achieve your goals through expert guidance. Managing money can be a challenge, but SmartAsset makes the process of finding the right advisor easy and safe.

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