​The Power of Performance Marketing In The Virtual Age

The events of the last few months have meant that companies have had to rethink their marketing efforts, with companies everywhere pivoting to direct response. As the Coronavirus pandemic has shifted from an initial unknown into a new normal, businesses have had to evolve with the times.

Companies across all industries are struggling to survive and marketing will be an essential part of their recovery. Instead of cutting budgets, it is vital that companies focus on new customer acquisition and pivot their attention fully to performance marketing. What differentiates performance marketing from its traditional counterparts is the necessity to constantly innovate, pay for results, and track performance on a far more granular level.

But what does the paid marketing landscape currently look like? The first month of the pandemic saw paid social take the biggest hit, with a 45% decrease in spend noted in March. However, with this downturn comes a golden opportunity for smaller businesses to capitalize on cheaper CPC's and CPMs on both social and native networks. Since its inception, the internet has been in a constant state of evolution, making it difficult for marketers to keep up with the ever-changing trends.

Although the future is uncertain, one way that you can continue to grow your business is with the right kind of performance marketing. Don't spend less, spend smarter. That's where GeistM comes in.

GeistM is a full funnel performance content marketing and technology company that has driven billions of dollars in revenue for their clients in the last few years alone. The MarTech platform creates many forms of content - from written articles to videos, all promoted on behalf of a publisher in order to acquire the highest value customers, at scale, efficiently.

GeistM's data driven model is more than a vendor or partner; they're an extension of their clients internal marketing departments. On top of testing successful combinations of front end creatives and content, a robust range of social and native networks and targeting strategies, GeistM provides their partners with their expertise on landing pages, paid search, and SEO.

GeistM's silver bullet is BlackFire, their proprietary technology that provides incredibly granular data in real time. BlackFire's range of capabilities include conversion tracking, creative reporting and insights, live performance reporting, API connection to most major networks and orderID and macro passback.

GeistM's content marketing strategy is all about answering your customers' questions - so they arrive at your website fully informed and ready to purchase. Their mission is to secure you higher lifetime value customers for the lowest CPA possible. With so many people being smarter about the purchases they are making, this additional step in the funnel results in higher conversion rates, higher average order value, builds brand loyalty and increases buyer retention.

Performance marketing is the best solution for growing your business during such an unstable time, and GeistM will continue to evolve to meet the challenges because they're uniquely equipped to do so.

To learn more, check out GeistM.com or drop us a line at [email protected]

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